About Us

PSI takes its name from the Greek letter “PSI”, the symbol for psychology. PSI was founded in 1979 by Dr. Elizabeth A. Abramowitz and Dr. Evelyn Boyer, licensed psychologists. PSI is a not-for-profit corporation committed to quality health and human services. PSI strongly believes in community-based services in the least restrictive environment.

PSI takes its mission from its motto “Helping People Grow”. ®The PSI inter-disciplinary teams offer a continuum of person-focused services for children and youth with special needs, their families and caregivers.

PSI aims to provide to each person the range of evaluation, treatment, and institutional supports that enable the person to grow and develop.

PSI believes strongly that regardless of the challenges or level of understanding or age of the persons we serve, they have rights, which must be recognized and protected. PSI staff is committed to empowering both children and youth we serve and their families to exercise those rights.

PSI has for over thirty years been committed to its motto —

‘Helping People Grow”. ®

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